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An interview with Antoni Dimitrov…

Posted on Oct 27, 2015

Describe the design of your aquascape from the first round? What inspired it? The design of the “Through the Rock” was inspired by the picturesque landscapes of Snowdonia. I love mountains and I am out hiking, as often as possible. I haven’t recreated a specific place, I just had a picture in my head – a mixture of different details from all the lovely places I have visited in the mountain and I have tried to bring it to life through that scape. For the design I have used mini landscape rock(aka seiryu) as it has very defined and interesting textures, with lots of...

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First ever UK Aquascaping Champion Crowned!

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

The final of the first ever UK Aquascaping Championship took place on the J&K stand at Aqua on Wednesday by way of a live scape off. Antoni Dimitrov was crowned the first ever UK Aquascaping Champion. The finalists, Antoni Dimitrov, Stephen Rhodes and Manuel Arias, scaped from 10am-5pm on the first day of the show. Spectators were able to vote for the best scape in the ballot boxes below the tanks from 1pm on the Wednesday and until 3pm on the Thursday. Antoni had already scooped first place in the first round and went on to produce the winning scape in the final. The competition was...

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Top 5 entries in Round One

Posted on Oct 14, 2015

The finalists of the first ever UK Aquascaping contest were announced at 10am on Wednesday 14th October on the J&k stand at Aqua.

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