An interview with Stephen Rhodes…

Tell us about the design of your scape from the first round? What inspired it?

I got my inspiration for the shire from The Lord Of The Rings films where the hobbits live and in turn, J.R.R Tolkien who wrote the books got his inspiration for The Shire for the rolling hills and valleys of my home county Lancashire.

Describe your scape in the scape off? Did you have a title/theme for it?

The scape for the scape off was called ‘River of Life’ and represented a dried out stream bed in summer.

Can you let me know about your experience of taking part in the first UKASC? 

My experience of the UKASC, I had a great time doing what I love doing, but it was quite nerve racking putting yourself and your art on show for others to judge. I enjoyed talking to the public about my hobby and the products you and Dennerle were selling. I grew in confidence as the scape sort of turned out the way I had imagined it in my head and although i didn’t win, I knew it was close and I was quite proud of my scape. It is still up and running and will look great when it matures in a couple of months.

What were your highlights from the competition? 

Highlights have to be the prizes, along with loads of free stuff. I got to meet other likeminded people and of course the J&K and Dennerle teams.

Do you plan to enter next year’s championship?

I really did have a great time, thanks again for getting it going. Yes I will definitely be entering again next year!